The Impact of Online Learning Regarding Students’ Motivation

Hailey Coursen

The holiday season is always a hard time of year for students. There are so many outside distractions, such as shopping, family events, and various other holiday-related activities that cause students to lose motivation and stray away from their school work.

In addition, many schools have shifted to remote learning due to the Coronavirus, meaning that students spend their days learning from home. While remote learning, in theory, sounds like a good idea, it is rather easy for students to not pay attention and not have the motivation to get their work done.

Penns Valley High School sophomore Ellie Coursen has been experiencing both the effects of the holiday season and of remote learning on her schoolwork.

“It’s so hard to stay motivated,” Coursen stated. “I find myself watching TikToks during class or even just fiddling with stuff on my desk. It’s so easy to be distracted with thoughts of Christmas or even just what I have going on after school that day.”

Coursen isn’t alone in her claims. In fact, according to a study conducted by the University of Colorado, Boulder, a majority of students have experienced a fall in their grades, motivation, and overall happiness.

It is unbeknownst if there will be a return to school in the near future. For many, a year filled with online learning and shot motivation is highly likely. Hopefully with the passing of the holidays and the ringing in of the New Year students will gain focus and drive. Until then, it is a guessing game as to whether or not remote learning and the holidays will continue to have a negative effect on students.

For many students, the holiday season has been negatively affecting their drive to complete schoolwork.