Homecoming Week at Penns Valley


Here in happy valley the PV students and staff celebrate homecoming week with many traditional activities. One of the first traditions is spirit week. Spirit week is a great way for students to express their school spirit and have fun doing so. Spirit week started out with Monday being PJ-Pajama day of course. Tuesday was a new spirit day this year, crazy hair day and walking down the halls you could see it was definitely a hit. Wednesday was Disney character day, several students expressed their school spirit by dressing up as their favorite Disney character. Thursday was western day and the majority of the school was wearing flannels. Thursday night is also the homecoming parade.

At the homecoming parade people from all over Penns Valley come together to watch the creative floats and to see the teams of Penns Valley and recognize our homecoming court. Spirit day for Friday which is many peoples personal favorite is blue and white day.

The next traditional event is the pep rally to get ready for the homecoming football game. The pep rally consists of announcing and recognizing the homecoming court, the sports teams, and the senior football players. During the pep rally the cheer team is always active and the band is playing festive music. The pep rally is also a change for students to let loose and have some fun. Students from different sports teams have a chance to participate in fun games and the homecoming court and their escorts also play competitive games.

After the pep rally the most popular event occurs, the homecoming football game. The football game is a chance for students, family, and teachers to watch our football team battle for a win. During halftime the homecoming queen is announced and the band has a spectacular half time show.

To wrap up homecoming week at Penns Valley the homecoming dance is held on the football field at 7:00 pm. The dance is a great opportunity for students to let loose and dance the night away while having a great time.

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