Homecoming 2021

Penns Valley’s homecoming looked almost normal this year with spirit week, the parade, the game, and the dance. This year’s theme was Disney. The parade, which was on the 30th, was held back at the grange fairgrounds. Almost all the fall sports teams and schools got together and made their Disney themed floats and threw candy for all the kids. It was a close competition with swimming in the lead, soccer, then volleyball. Overall it was a great night for everyone to get together.

The football game against Bellefonte was definitely one to remember as well. All the bleachers were filled, and especially the student section. Bellefonte’s student section also made their way over to ours to add some more excitement. With toilet paper flying, chants going, everyone lost their voices by the end of the night. Penns Valley boys ended up winning the game 41-14. The homecoming court was also announced at halftime, with Katie Romig taking the crown. 

Although almost everything was almost back to normal for this year’s homecoming, the dance still wasn’t quite normal. It was held during that Saturday night, from 7-10 pm on the football field. It was a fun night other than with it being held late in the night during the fall, it’s too cold for girls to be in dresses. The good thing about the dance is that no one had to wear masks. 

Overall, everyone was happy with homecoming happening this year and it being almost back to normal. Hopefully next year it will be the same and even the dance will be back to normal.