College Application Season!


Senior year is a very exciting time that most students can’t wait to get to. Getting to be the oldest student is a fun and exciting time but this year can also bring lots of stress. Lots of students right now are working on or have already applied to colleges and are eager to get their acceptance. In my school, lots of students have applied to schools such as Penn State, IUP, Bloomsburg, Millersville, Juniata, Penn College, and many many more. These schools all offer great programs and many people have gotten accepted!

My school offers a college advisor who helps these students not only find where they want to go but help them get through the whole process. Around the school, there are lots of posters and different announcements giving students updates on college visits, instant decision days, raffles for seniors, FASFA, rep visits, and other college information.

Lots of seniors are very excited to go to college and eager to see if they got into schools. I talked with seniors Sammie Snider and Amanda Grove about their application process. I first asked them where all they applied to, “Bloomsburg and Penn State – Sammie, Deleware Valley, Penn State, and Penn College – Amanda.” Next, I asked if they got into anywhere yet, “Bloomsburg – Sammie, Deleware Valley and Penn College – Amanda.” Lastly, I asked them if they thought this process was more exciting to more stressful, “I thought the application process was stressful because there were so many questions I didn’t know how to answer –  Sammie. I thought the application process was stressful because it forces you to think of questions for the future that you may not have the answer t yet – Amanda.”

As you can see seniors are forced to come up with these answers and do so much throughout this year. There are many different opinions on this process but I am hopeful that all people in my class will end up where they want to be.