Homecoming is Abound!


        With the middle of October approaching, Penns Valley’s homecoming week is near! Events like the parade, the pep rally, the homecoming football game, and the homecoming dance will all take place the week of 10/10 through 10/15. The homecoming theme for this year’s events is game night! The parade is the first event that will take place at the Grange fairgrounds on Thursday at 6:30 pm. 

        At the parade, you can come to see the homecoming court, sports teams, and other school-related groups take part in a decorated float centered around the theme, game night. The pep rally will begin at 2:15 and take place during RAM time on Friday, 10/14. This event encourages the students to get in the homecoming spirit and come out to support the football team. Chad Hammer, a junior on Penns Valley’s football team answers the question, “What is best about the homecoming football game?” Hammer says, “The atmosphere and the excitement leading up to it… and it’s just a big game because it’s homecoming!” The football team will face Tyrone on Friday, 10/14 at 7 pm at home. After the game, the homecoming king and queen will be announced!

        The big event to conclude the homecoming week is the homecoming dance. The dance will take place in the large old gym on Saturday, 10/15 from 7-10 pm. Students in grades 7-12 are welcome to attend, and admission is $5. The homecoming season is an exciting time here in Penns Valley with lots of school spirit. You can find more dates here on the Centre Daily Times website.