Behind the Scenes of PV Announcements

The morning announcements are a very huge part of Media class. There is a lot more that goes into the announcements than people probably think.

At the start of the year everyone picks their media groups that normally consist of 4-5 people. After that Mr. Farley will assign the days that every group will film. We filmed all of them the day before they went out.

The group that has the announcements will first get on Schoology for Media to open the script up. You fill out the script for the following day. You get all the reminders from a google doc that the teachers add to. Every day you will check for birthdays, weather, and lunch. Before leaving the class room you have to grab two USB drives. One will be used to insert the script to the one button studio and the other is to save all the footage from the studio. Then you start the filming process in the one button touch studio.

Normally two people will be sitting together and you switch between pairs until you have completed the script. Then the editing process starts, normally for the first couple times everyone will edit them at least once. Then after that you normally pick the best editor to continue editing for the rest of the year. You have to have the announcements in for the following day by 7 am at the latest.

Normally it will only take a group around 20 minutes to finish filming so the editor normally has the rest of the block to complete it. If you have any interest in this process you should definitely take Media class. There is also so much more than just the announcements.