The LA Dodgers


Many people in the U.S. love baseball, and many of those love the LA dodgers. The Dodgers are currently the best team in the MLB West and don’t seem to be losing their streak. For those of you reading this and do not follow baseball, the LA Dodgers started as the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1883, 7 years after the MLB was founded in 1876. They started out as a team that was at the bottom of the barrel, and they stayed there until they added Jackie Robinson to their roster. The Dodgers won their first world series in 1955 with Jackie Robinson. Through the years they have been to 7 world series and won all 7. 

In recent years, the Dodgers have seemed to pick up their game. They recently added a former Washington National, Trea Turner, to their roster in 2021. Trea Turner is the fastest player in the MLB, clocking in at 22.7 miles per hour, and one of the best slides in the game. Check out the link below to see the “smooth move slide” from Trea Turner. Another great player for the LA Dodgers is Mookie Betts. Betts joined the team in 2020 and is the 2nd best outfielder in the game and recently got a game-winning catch where he ran 33 meters in 4 seconds. He is considered the best player in the Dodgers outfield. 

The Dodgers won the 2020 world series, which was their first since 1988, as shown below. This seemed to uplift their spirits because they made it to the League Championship Series, but were beaten by the Braves in the tie-breaker game. This year they are keeping their momentum and are currently the NL West division leader. Nothing seems to be able to dampen their spirits. They are in a position where they would have to lose their next 4 games to lose their 1st place position in the NL West. But that is very unlikely based on their recent performance. It looks like the Dodgers will keep their games on their side and will make it to the Division Championship. Me being a Dodgers fan, I can easily say that if you too are a fan of this team, I would feel confident in the team. I can confidently say that you may see them in the World Series for the 8 time.


Trea Turners’ Smooth Slide