Blood, Sweat, and Cheers


A picture of our Junior High cheer squad right before our first game of the season.

     Blood, Sweat, and Cheers

        October 6, 2022


     The start of the cheer season has been incredible but sadly the Junior High girls only have three more football games until the beginning of basketball and wrestling season. The most recent football game they cheered at was Wednesday, October 5 for the Junior High game (A and B team). The Junior High cheer coaches are Megan Henry and Crystal Bierly. The Junior High cheerleaders are Katie Ruoff, Kennedy Harper, Raynee Davis, Serenity Thull, Alexa Cowher, Heather Pollock, Lillianne Wray, and Katherine Warriner. 


     The Penns Valley cheer squad is looking for MORE CHEERLEADERS! If you are interested in cheering please Email Megan Henry [email protected]  or Crystal Bierly [email protected] for more information about signing up for cheerleading. Keep in mind you don’t have to have any experience to become a cheerleader. Girls don’t just have to do cheerleading BOYS can too. And a boy invented cheer, Johnny Campbell. Did you know that 97% of the cheerleaders in the world are girls, we need to change that. We only practice once a week and usually cheer at one game a week. Cheerleading can help teach you practical life skills like goal setting, discipline, and teamwork, all while building your confidence. 


      Since Homecoming is right around the corner the cheerleaders get to perform at the Varsity Friday night football game, perform at the pep rally, cheer in the parade, and put on the homecoming dance. And don’t forget that the cheerleaders also have to participate in spirit week.