“Stranger Things is still one of the most watched Netflix original shows in the U.S.”

Hailey Bruss

On July 15th, 2016, Stranger Things was released to Netflix as a 1 season show. Then, grew to be a 3 season show that is still being added onto. After then, most of the U.S. still makes their way back to this show as a comfort film. In January 2021, Stranger Things is still very popular and is growing to be more and more popular. Stranger Things is an action-based film that has different creatures such as the ‘Demogorgon’, which is the main monster. It takes place in a place called “Hawkins, Indiana” with the exception of another universe called “The upside-down” which looks exactly like Hawkins, but with monsters and darkness. The show is based in the 1980s because the directors liked the way the lifestyle and fashion were back then. It is not 100% known when season 4 of this show will be released, because of COVID- 19, the public is unsure. Two of the actors, Millie Bobby Brown, who plays 11, and Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike Wheeler, have given some spoilers on their social media platforms. After 5 years of the show being out, it is still an amazing show to watch with your family, but there are some language and gore along with it.