Why is Covid Still Here?


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Addy Miller

Almost 1 year into the global pandemic and people are still wearing masks and social distancing but covid is still spreading.
“ I think that at the end of the day, wearing masks, washing your hands, and keeping your distance is still the name of the game right now. We’re now adding to that the vaccinations, but we’re going to have to speed that up in a dramatic way for us to be really effective in controlling this outbreak, but it’s a big problem, and people need to understand that those basic public health measures of mask-wearing, washing hands and keeping your distance work, and anything that we do that exacerbates that, is going to continue this outbreak.” said by Dr. Georges C. Benjamin, MD. At this point we are still wearing masks to school and all of the places we go, they have hand sanitizer bottles everywhere around the building. You could still have COVID without even having symptoms or feeling sick. Symptoms include fever, chills, coughing, not being able to breath well, fatigue, your body hurts, headaches, losing taste and smell, sore throats, runny nose, and many more. It’s a good idea to not go out if you don’t have to because by staying home you are keeping yourself and others safe.  Hopefully all this covid goes away soon and everyone can be healthy and back to normal.


This is what they have to wear when dealing with people who have COVID.