Masey With Cheer


My sister Masey has a friend and they got into a fight and I am here to see why she got in a fight. She got in her fight with her when she was in Social studies. On the weekend she normally goes shopping. Sometimes one of her friends might want her over for the day. She also said that in the summer she works in a concession trailer on the weekends also. When she had homework during cheer season she would do it right before cheer because she had cheer practice from 6-8 at night on Thursdays. So she always had plenty of time to do it then. The thing that made her start cheer was she was super loud and had a lot of energy she said that it would be the perfect thing to start doing. Masey became good friends with Peyton when she was in third grade. She also got in a fight with her friend when she was in cheer because she made her mad because she wanted to do something and Masey didn’t want to do it.  If she got mad at her friend in public then she would give them the silent treatment. She also said she would have a temper tantrum. If we moved across the country Masey said: “she would have to stay in contacted with her old friends on Instagram.” If she had the choice of keeping second or trying a new cheer and getting the first place she said she would keep second because there would be no way her team could get first. She had a choice between doing cheer or powder puff she said powder puff. When cheer is over Masey said she will watch my basketball games.  The thing she will miss most about cheerleading is being loud and annoying.