Boys JH basket ball season is over


Jake Fye

PV basketball team played Philipsburg for there last game of the regular season. PV basketball played their last game on Wednesday at 4 pm in Philipsburg. They went to compete for the last game for the year. The coach said that “he thinks his team did a great job this season”. The team has won 5 games this year and now has a standing of 5-16. They had a game against Huntington on Monday and a game against Philipsburg on Wednesday and let their team manager Tony Lewis start and he scored 2 points with a layup. There A team won 4 and lost 12 their B team won 2 and lost 16 and there C team won 14 and lost 3.

Overall the boys JH basketball team did well this year. The A team is 4-12 the B team is 2-16 and the C team is 14-3. All the fans came out for there last home game vs Huntington to cheer for PV to get one of there last wins. A and B team won but the C team lost. The coaches and players all had a good year even though they had practice every day it helped them in the long run that’s what helped them beat Huntington. That just shows how hard work pays off.